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Ulithorne is the creation of Rose Kentish and her husband, painter, Sam Harrison. It all began in 1997 when Rose & Sam decided to reclaim the original family vineyard - a 30 acre planting of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon in McLaren Vale that had been under managed and neglected since Sam’s parents had moved to the city in 1979.


Under Rose & Sam’s ownership infrastructure was improved to support their aim of producing exceptional quality wine. In 1998, they planted a further 14 acres of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon on the north facing hills. In 2002, they purchased 25 acres from their neighbour and have planted it to one third Merlot and two thirds Shiraz.


In October 2006, Sam and Rose made the huge decision to sell the vineyard and move to the sea (securing a long-term contract to purchase the fruit). They bought an old flour mill in Middleton, about 30 minutes south of McLaren Vale where Sam now returns to painting and Rose continues to produce a selection of single vineyard wines from the original family plantings at the Ulithorne vineyard, as well as from her Kay's Road vineyard.


In 2010, Rose and Sam packed up their 4 young children and moved to France to begin making wines from the South, including 'Epoch' - a Provencal Rosé, and 2 Corsican wines - "Corsus' and 'Immortelle' made from indigenous Corsican varieties. These wines she continues to make each year, packing up the finished wine and shipping it back to Australia for sale.


We've been big fans of Ulithorne for a long time, whether it be their flagship 'Frux Frugis' Shiraz, 'Specialis' Tempranillo Grenache, or the great value Shiraz and GSM under their 'Dona' label, the wines of Ulithorne always deliver wines of outstanding quality and loads of personality. 


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