Eden Valley, South Australia

The Eden Valley is a cool climate region nestled between 400 and 600 metres in the Barossa Range, part of the Mount Lofty Range.

This relatively high altitude means the growing season temperatures are significantly lower than those of the nearby Barossa Valley, and the final stages of ripening and harvesting take place in much cooler conditions. This has a profound effect on the wines produced in the Eden Valley.

Eden Valley is synonymous with Riesling, and arguably stands alongside Clare Valley as our finest Riesling producing region. Eden Valley Riesling is initially developing fragrant yet strong lime juice aromas with great intensity of flavour on the palate. As the wines age, marmalade and toasty nuances appear on the nose and palate. Good Eden Valley Riesling will often take ten years or more to reach its peak.

The Eden Valley is also an extremely important Shiraz region, being home to the iconic Henschke Hill of Grace and Mount Edelstone vineyards.

Eden Valley Shiraz has qualities that differentiate it from their Barossan neighbour, with the cooler climate granting the fruit full flavour but with less sugar and generally a softer, more elegant profile.

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